1920s Roos Cedar Chest

1920's Roos Cedar Chest

It was too far gone to repair and restore it right, so we decided to "shabby chic" it, and paint it blue-grey with metallic silver trim. It came out phenomenally well. The inside is like brand-new, with the liner and the paper guarantee originally to the chest. Outside it had suffered water damage, and Mike cut and glued for a long time to get the paper-thin veneer to lay flat. Then we painted it carefully for days, with Mike doing the majority of it.



Mike made four icon stands for St. James Orthodox Church, Modesto. Made with poplar, the wood is both beautiful and striking. This needs a staining and finishing yet, and this will be done later by the Church.

Cabinet for Singer model 66

Then I needed a cabinet for a Singer model 66, manufactured in 1918 according to the serial number.  Mike made this cabinet, and used the Singer treadle drawers I had gotten from eBay.  We added glass drawer pulls to make it classy.

Cabinet with Singer model 66 (Redhead)

This Singer had been converted to electric motor, and since that was pretty dated, Mike changed the motor to a new one, with new cords.  It runs, but needs a deeper cleaning.  This Singer has been called the best sewing machine ever made.  Can't wait to try it out!

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