Mike's Woodworking Crafts


Just because Mike is retired doesn't mean he isn't busy.  He has a full workshop on our property to make
wood projects, which vary greatly in size and use.


Art Bin  Art Bin open

A good place for wife's art supplies, which are mostly watercolors, in her crafts room.


Cabinet for St. James Orthodox Christian Church

Serger Table

Serger Table for crafts room

sewing table

Sewing table for crafts room.  Of course, Calvin our cat has taken over the place again.


Computer Desk

Computer Desk for Crafts Room


Small Box

Small box

Wedgewood Small Box

Storage Box with Wedgewood Top

New Doors for smokehouse

New doors for the old smokehouse on the St. James property

Before pic

Before the new door and repairs.

Display case for tallship

This is a display case for a tallship we found at a thrift store.

Tallship and Case

This is a model of a Cutty Sark tallship.


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